Today, being lost in the wilderness feels good, it feels like there are possibilities, and I am going to gobble them them up like the accomplished, competent sunofagun, that I am.

Today was the first day back at work after 2 weeks off. Two weeks of chilling, sleeping and horrendous intensive CV writing boot camp.

The talented girlfriend, and I have been sending each other newer and improved versions of my CV each one covered in highlighted sentences, paragraphs, and bullet points. Each version with a little more written in, or adjusted, or tweaked.

I attached my official current job description to send to her, to get a better idea of what I do, it brought about her, asking me lots of questions about every point on there, and then distilling my garbled answers into something resembling professional sounding writing.

Suddenly I am aware of just exactly how much i deal with on a day to day basis in my place of work, suddenly i feel like i can do this job standing on my head.

I turned up today, first day back from holiday, feeling……..well….. sparky! Like I can do anything.

I was calm and collected, considering how totally messed up all the communications had been regarding the current offers, and how bad, the replen is, and the fact the CEO decided to pop in while i was away, i barely broke a sweat.

Me and my managers walked the floor, discussed the store, and the set up, and I had the answer for everything, while they seemed to be flapping and stressing and worrying. Hence the title of this blog entry by the way (these guys are supposedly bona fide, born in the blood, “i’ll die if we dont make over ‘x’ amount by lunchtime” sales managers) I’m just a pretend visual manager. Most of the time. My managerial status is a convenience that I overlook. Today I knew it all.

I was the calm little centre of the howling retail tornado.

Working through my CV with the girlfriend, in the detail that we did, describing things and re-describing them in different ways, to get them sounding, appropriate.  Its changed my perspective on what I can, and frequently do, do.

I also have a Kick ass CV to send out now, and THAT my friend, THAT gives me a little more swagger to my step!